About Me

I am a 1st-year master student in Robotics Institution at Carnegie Mellon University. I am currently working in LeCAR Lab and Air Lab, co-advised by Prof. Guanya Shi and Prof. Sebastian Scherer

Research Interests

My work focuses on adaptive control and mobile robotics. My main interest is to develop adaptive algorithms using control theory tools that would enhance the ability of robotic systems to handle system uncertainty and improve robustness. In addition, I have a broad interest in control theory, autonomous systems, visual servoing, multi-intelligent system, and trajectory planning.


Guanqi He, Yang Wang, Gilberto Pin, Andrea Serrani, Thomas Parisini. Switching-based Adaptive Output Regulation for Uncertain Systems Affected by a Periodic Disturbance. American Control Conference (ACC) 2022, pp. 5030-5036.

Guanqi He*, Yash Jangir*, Junyi Geng, Mohammadreza Mousaei, Dongwei Bai and Sebastian Scherer. Image-based Visual Servo Control for Aerial Manipulation Using a Fully-Actuated UAV. IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) 2023